Brass Bear is a professional audio engineering studio with bases in Los Angeles and London. We specialise in providing clear, transparent and precise music mixing services to artists worldwide. We handle all our remote mixing and mastering via Dropbox folders dedicated to each artist's release. Here at Brass Bear we have developed a consistently thorough work-flow, utilising the highest quality hardware & software. Our experience enables us to offer you a quality product at an affordable rate.

We offer a one-off free mixing or mastering sample for new clients. The next step will be filling out the enquiry form after which we will set up a dedicated Dropbox folder for you where files will be stored and placed upon completion. You can send us notes and references, tracks that you want your mix to emulate and any additional information you deem worthwhile. You, the artist, are able to submit any revisions you require to our engineers after hearing the preview and once you are happy with your track it will be available for download - as a lossless audio file. 

(Standard turnaround is 5-7 days although a premium can be paid to receive express delivery.)


Reduced rates available for all mixing                                                                                           when multiple songs are submitted at once.

  • Single File Stereo Mastering
    • $30 (for 1 track)
    • $25 (per track for 2-4 tracks)
    • $20 (per track for 4+ tracks)
  • Stem Mastering
    • $50 (2-4 stems only)
  • Stem Mixing
    • $130 (for 2 to 8 stems) - 'instrument mix'
    • $170 (for 8+ stems) -                 'full stem mix'
  • Stem Mixing + Mastering Bundles
    • $160 (for 4 to 8 stems)
    • $190 (for 8+ stems)

Brass Bear blew me away with the clarity of their stem mix for my new project. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to my friends.
— Eddy Atlantis, Artist / Producer


(Standard turnaround is 5-7 days although a premium can be paid to receive express delivery)